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(Updated 12/05/2021)
December 5th 2021
Current Builds Exact Song Count?
2601 songs!
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Welcome to Music Box. I created this website to provide the Guild Wars 2 player base with a place to obtain musical arrangements and compositions for their Macro Playing pleasures. This user's manual is designed to answer any and all questions about using Music Box. If you finish reading this manual and feel some information is missing, send an email to

The site administrator will answer the question via email and will update the user's manual for the benefit of future readers.
If you decide to use the Music Box, there are a few steps to complete before the program will work.

My Music Box Mod Comes With 
Over 2600!!!!
A TO Z Songs!

2: Add the hotkeys as seen, in the red box below to the
IN-GAME Control Settings

So under control settings we want to make our tab look like this, we Want to map Number pad down the right hand column below, is a video with some additional trouble shooting for use as a visual aid.


Put your NUM PAD ONLY commands
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 0 then 9

(see pic above in the red squared area)

Ensure you use the number keys specifically on the
"NumPad" NOT THE ONES ALONG THE TOP OF YOUR KEYBOARD or it will not work. heres a little visual aid)

Should you fail to do the 0 before the 9 your octaves will switch wrong as 0 and 9 are the buttons your instrument uses to change octaves. If you note or experience octave change issues chances are you accedentally put 9 before 0 instead of 0 before 9 so look at the picture below carefully and set it up the same way down the right hand column as shown in the picture above.

Some users (Not all depends on your Windows set up) have reported that Music Box must be "Run as Administrator" in order to play notes in game. This is not always required However it may be. So If you find that nothing is playing in game, but the script will print to a Notepad window,
this may solve your issue.